We were called de Block Technologies when my brother and I started in 2010 in the Netherlands. Our first client together was a Hollywood movie director for whom we built the first version of a movie's website, The Gunrunner Billy Kane... Then my wife and I decided to live in Asia, so I joined her in the Philippines in 2011 where I continued work on a variety of projects. From the Philippines, we moved to Cambodia, Malaysia, and then to Thailand. While in Kuala Lumpur, I renamed de Block Technologies to CreaCity. In late 2016, we decided to move back to Europe, particularly in Austria. After 10 months in Vienna, we relocated to the town of Konigswiesen in mid-2017, also renaming the company to R24k.

Areas of Expertise

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoShop
Aptana Studio 3
Meteor JS
PayPal Integration
CentOS 6.5
Vagrant Virtual Boxes
Credit Card payment gateways

A bit more about me

What do I do?

I do my job with love. I specialise in making WordPress and Joomla sites, E-commerce sites or web shops, and more. (Portfolio)

I also create WordPress plugins, customized according to client's needs and preferences. An example is my TripAdvisor widget in the Battambang Resort site.

My clients are from Cambodia, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, USA, and all over the world.

Get in touch through the contact page or Skype me for inquiries. Thank you!

About me

The Name R24k is short for…

R 24 k
Just a bit too long for a domain name.


Build user-friendly, unique websites and solid software using the latest techniques for a broad range of clients at affordable prices.

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